Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My Turn To Be Ill

Over the weekend when I was fishing, just every now and then, I would get the shivers and feel really cold. At first I didn't pay any attention to it and put it down to "one of those things". However, when I arrived home on Sunday, I was obviously not right and felt progressively worse as the day wore on.

Sunday night was a torrid affair with hardly any sleep simply because of my temperature fluctuations and I could feel my throat becoming a little sore. As I rose from bed on Monday morning, it was obvious that I wouldn't be going in to work - I was a little giddy and quite weak and decided that I would deal with this sickness as I would any other sickness. So I gargled with TCP and took flu powders and hot lemon since this would normally work in most cases.

It was at this point that I rang the NHS swine flu line - just in case as it were. But I knew from the amount of times that I said "No" that I did not have this form of flu. As the day wore on I felt a little better but I still kept suffering the hot and cold flushes. Later in the day I checked out my throat and was confronted with a sight so disgusting that I then realised that I may have to go to the doctors at some point.

I went to bed, planning to go to work the following day, but a second really uncomfortable night made me realise that I wouldn't be going in at all. I managed to get an appointment early this morning and this was the result.

I have, and I quote, an "....ultra-aggressive infection..." of the throat. I am running an extremely high temperature, not too far from being classed as a fever (as you can imagine I was not enjoying this). This is because my body is struggling to fight the infection and then she smiled and said that she hadn't seen a throat like this for some time. I began to slump in the chair....

So the first thing to do is that I must control my temperature so I am to gargle four times a day with soluble aspirin, then swallow, to lower it and this will also clean some of the muck off of my throat. And I also have a very strong course of penicillin to combat the infection.

But then,and this was the "I don't want to worry you but...." moment, is that the next few days are crucial. If the drugs don't work then there may be a chance that an abscess will have formed (something called a quinsy) and this can inhibit breathing and will definitely entail a trip to hospital for an operation. This can mean having the abscess drained or having the tonsils removed or both.

So that's my current health report - not good - but it could be worse and the hospital trip is most unlikely (I hope, touch wood etc etc). Those of you that care need not worry, I shall be fine and be doing all the right things and hopefully be fully operational in the not too distant future. Thanks for listening.


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