Saturday, 26 September 2009

SVP 2009 - Final Day

Day 3 was a long, long day. I started off listening to some papers on pterosaurs and these were amongst the best talks of the week. The first dinosaur papers soon followed and there were some really interesting papers but the highlight was Scott Samson's (whom I'd eaten with only the previous night) paper regarding two new chasmosaurines from Utah, as yet unnamed. These were truly awesome animals. And then the revelation (not new mind) that Torosaurus is no longer a valid taxon.

After another lively poster session and something to eat, it was time for the SVP silent and live auctions and these were well attended and great fun. I eventually got home later in the evening and crawled into bed ready for the final day.

Today was tough early on. I was having trouble keeping up as it were but as the morning moved on there were some good papers and there was a couple of subtle exchanges regarding tyrannosauroid phylogeny. Really feisty stuff. The afternoon was dominated by sauropod papers and there were a couple of interesting talks but a few of them, in my opinion, were non-events. But like I say, that's my opinion.

After another superb poster session, I'm now in my room getting ready for the end of conference party and I have to say I'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms - it's been that good. I return home tomorrow and although I'm looking forward to it, I know that I'll go pretty quiet after coming down from a very big high.

I'll sum up the meeting soon with a list of names of the people who have taken the time to speak to me and discuss things. I feel very privileged. Now lets go the party.....


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