Thursday, 24 September 2009

SVP 2009 - Live

Well I'm writing this during a break on the second day of the SVP conference in Bristol. And I must say that it's meeting all my expectations and more. This event is massive and you wouldn't imagine that there would be this many paleontologists in the world, let alone in Bristol right now.

Before the conference started proper, I attended a preparators workshop and this concentrated on the use of glues and consolidants. It was great meeting and listening to so many good preparators. I was delighted to find that my self-taught preparation skills are, indeed, of a good standard and is a case of refinement. We followed the workshop with a preparators dinner that evening which was good fun.

The following day the conference started proper, and I attended talks on marine reptiles during the morning. There was some really interesting talks and I will discuss these at some point in the future. During the afternoon I visited the exhibits at the Victoria Room and looked at the first of the poster sessions.

Today I attended a few talks in the Romer Prize session ( a really interesting talk on allosaur ontogeny here) and then attended the preparators session for the rest of the morning. After a look at the second poster session I returned to my room for a bit of a break - I've been on the go non-stop for a few days now. Tonight I'm attending a lecture by David Attenborough on Wallace and the birds of paradise and I'm really looking forward to it.

With two days to go I've already seen so much and met so many people. I consider myself very lucky and look forward to the rest of the meeting. The really good stuff is about to start!


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