Monday, 7 September 2009

What I Last Caught.....3

I actually managed to get away for the weekend and do a spot of carp fishing. I love all sorts of fishing but this is the one that really yanks my chain because you know, if you get it right, you are in for one hell of a ride.

Anyhow the weather appeared right and there wasn't a huge amount of pressure on the lake, which is always better. On the first night, however, things did not go to plan and all I caught was a bream, about 6lb in weight, of which 3lb was slime (just why are bream soooo slimy?).

The following evening felt much better. I really felt that something was going to happen and the fish were showing en masse. The first fish I caught was another bream, but this was around the 9 or 10lb mark and actually put up a bit of a scrap - a novelty in itself. Eventually the buzzer indicated that a very angry fish had attached itself to my hook and proceeded to give my entire body a very physical workout. I was almost certain that it was a common carp since this is how they fight in here, and after about 15 minutes slid the net underneath her.

At 23lb 6oz she was a real stunner and I sacked her for the images to be taken a little later. Just before first light I latched into another fish which I guessed to be a mirror carp because of its much more ponderous and steady scrap and was pleased to see that my guess was correct. At 15lb 4oz she was more than welcome.

I really do seem to have the rigs absolutely spot on at the moment and this is proven in that this was only my second trip here this year and have caught on both occasions. Incidentally it appears that nothing else was caught that night, at least not as far as I'm aware. I suppose I've set myself for a great fall now but I really am 100% confident in my carp fishing and in this game, confidence is everything.

With apologies for the sound and light levels (well it was first light and I didn't want to shout)here are a couple of short video clips of the fish - enjoy!


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