Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Saurian TV

I’m grateful to Tom Holtz for putting us onto this one. Discovery Channel has announced a new four part series, Clash of the Dinosaurs which premiers, with a double header, in the US on December 6th. From the Discovery website:

“For the first time in 65 million years, innovative imaging technology enables viewers to see deep inside the body of a dinosaur to reveal the secrets of these ultimate prehistoric survival machines. Combining cinematic photo-real 3D graphics and leading-edge anatomy and paleontology, CLASH OF THE DINOSAURS peels back the skin, muscles and bones to show how they survived in such a violent world.“

For some great sneak previews go here. Featuring paleontologists such as Tom Holtz, Larry Witmer, Matt Wedel and, my all time favourite, Bob Bakker, I hope that these programmes are a vast improvement on the debarcle that was Jurassic Fight Club.

Even more intriguing is that the BBC, along with a high profile US channel, have commissioned a new series about vertebrate palaeontology. Focussing mainly on dinosaurs, it will also feature other Mesozoic creatures and, although there will be a healthy amount of CGI, there will be at least half of each programme devoted to the actual research and techniques used and what can be learnt from the fossils themselves.

What has pleased me, after corresponding with one of the series researchers, is that they are committed to not making the same mistakes as the “Walking with…..” series. Namely, they will put the evidence first and make clear what is well accepted and what is pure speculation.

Although at an early stage of development, I hope that this series will live up to expectations and that we will have a palaeontological themed series that will really deliver the goods.


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