Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Well Deserved Award

I was absolutely delighted to learn today that Dr Phil Currie is to be awarded the Alberta Order of Excellence which is the highest honour the province can bestow upon one of their citizens.

I was extremely fortunate to meet and spend some time with Phil last year during SVP at Bristol and found him to be delightful company and had some very cool discussions on the tyrannosauridae, especially the daspletosaurs which, as some of you know, are a particular passion of mine.

I’ve followed Phil’s work for many years now and consider him a doyen of the tyrannosauridae, right alongside Holtz, Williamson and Carr. I and so many many others know that this award is thouroughly deserved and I offer my very sincerest congratulations. Well done Phil!

For more detail see here.


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