Monday, 12 April 2010

What I Last Caught.....4

The first night trip of the year is usually a session that involves sorting your gear out, making sure you've remembered everything, and making a note of things you need to replace and this was no exception. It is also useful because you also find out other things such as remembering how to tie knots and whether or not I still retain a modicum of casting ability!
Be that as it may, the trip is always good fun and with the very best of early spring weather upon us, it was great to be out fishing again. And apart from the fact that a great many swims were still flooded due to the copious amounts of rainfall we've endured over the last few weeks, I actually managed to winkle out this awesome early season common carp of exactly 19lb.

This really was a good workout. The casting was good, the knots went fine and the fish was quite forgiving with its fight which helped. This will be an easy fish to identify in the future as well as you can see from the image. The carp probably lost the patch of scales through the vigours of spawning at some point in the past but it has healed up well. I also removed a few parasitical leeches that had taken up residence on the fish over the winter months which betrayed the fact that the fish had only recently begun to feed again.

All in all, a great start for me and I am hopeful of some good fishing this year.


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