Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What I Last Caught.....5

Had a real red letter day only recently. I haven't been fishing that much this year and it was good to get out again for a couple of nights. The weather was warm, edging toward humid, but was overall perfect for a spot of early Summer carp fishing.

Unlike last time, however, my casting was a little awry and I took a good few hours to get into my stride. I was also using a new bait for the first time and that always throws a couple of doubts into your mind. I eventually got it all done and settled in to await results.

I needn't have worried. The above fish was the pick of a trio of twenty pounders that came my way. At 25lb 8oz, this common carp was a fantastic looking fish that gave a good account of itself. It was a male fish as well, as it was shedding milt on the unhooking mat. I should point out that the fish were not spawning at this time and all the fish were caught in unusually deep water for the time of year. Add to this a couple of sizable bream and the session ended up being highly enjoyable.

I'll be going back very soon to the same lake to see if I can winkle out another one or two and hopefully something a little bigger. I'll keep you posted.


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