Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What I Last Caught.....6

Following on from my last very successful fishing trip, I managed to fish a week later for the one night hoping to follow up with another fish or two. The condition of the water had changed from crystal clear to a murky green as the recent warm weather had stimulated an algal bloom.

This was initially a concern since it was so different to the week previously. However, I prepared the swim as previously and fished identical set-ups over the baited area, again with the new bait. I had to wait until dawn the following day for any action.

This is the result - a spectacular mirror carp of 23lb 4oz. A stunning fish that absolutely gave its all in the fight, a very powerful fish. Shortly afterwards, I hooked another fish on the same rod but this time, luck was against me, and the fish cut me off on a snag or, more likely, a bed of zebra mussels.

That managed to irk me greatly and, I have to admit, made me dwell on the loss for quite a while. But when you've caught four twenties in a week - well I can hardly complain can I?


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