Thursday, 21 October 2010

First Life

Sir David Attenborough, at the age of 84, still shows no sign of slowing up or retiring. And I'm pleased to say that his next mini-series, First Life, will be airing on the BBC during November.

Any series made by Sir David is always eagerly awaited but this is a welcome return to a palaeo-themed programme, which is something that has always been close to his heart and is his first series of its type since Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives which I consider to be amongst the best of any general audience palaeontological series, along with Alan Charig's Before the Ark (which I would love to see again).

First Life focuses on the very origins of life and both examines and compares fossils with descendant and extant living relatives. Sir David travels the world on a journey of discovery, meeting palaeontologists' along the way who reveal the latest techniques utilised to help uncover the secrets of the origin of life.

I'm not too sure when this will air over the pond but I'm hopeful that you may be able to view it on BBC I-player. Incidentally, Sir David is also making a special on pterosaurs called Flying Monsters 3D to be shown on Sky's new 3D channel in the not too distant future.


saurian said...

This two part mini-series will air on BBC2 on Friday November 5th at 9.00 PM and will be available on I-player thereafter.

Anonymous said...

I think this aired State-side on Discovery Channel last Sunday, a two hour program.

saurian said...

Yes, you're quite right as I saw a couple of days ago. Thanks for the heads up!

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