Thursday, 7 October 2010

SVP 2010 - Pittsburgh

On the eve of the SVP meeting in Pittsburgh later this week, I just want to wish those of you who are going this year, a great meeting and I hope you really enjoy yourselves. I especially wish those of you who are presenting for the first time, whether poster or oral presentation, the very best of luck.

Earlier this week, I actually prepared a short concise blog entry which was a preview of some of the topics coming up for discussion during the meeting, mainly those that were of personal interest to me. As an active SVP member, I am well aware of the embargo regarding any form of coverage of abstracts and upcoming presentations during the meeting. I thought that I could construct a piece that was both informative and interesting without giving anything away, mentioning no names and no great detail.

I think it came out really well but the more I read it, the more the doubts started to creep in. I really believe that there is nothing in it that would provoke anger from anybody, it certainly reveals nothing specific – indeed it is nothing more than a taster. No, less than that – a hint of a taste.

Be that as it may, discretion is the better part of valour (stupidity?) and I’ve decided to shelve the piece until next Thursday, after the meeting has finished, and then I’ll be able to discuss things in more detail anyway, so it’s best not to chance it.

SVP 2011 – Enjoy!!!


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