Monday, 1 November 2010

Tyrannosaurs + Preparation = Utopia!

When someone blogs about tyrannosaurs, I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Similarly, blogging about prep work, which is another huge interest of mine, has myself reading it so that I can soak up every last morsel of information. When someone blogs about preparing a tyrannosaur I am in heaven!

If you are unaware, let me point you in the direction of Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings. Dave has often run a series of guest posts or interesting interviews with many figures in the world of palaeontology but his latest addition is a real coup, especially for tyrannosaur aficionados’ such as myself.

Darren Tanke is senior technician at the Royal Tyrrel Museum of Palaeontology and, back at the end of the 2008 field season in Dinosaur Provincial Park, located the bones of a juvenile Gorgosaurus. Juvenile dinosaurs are a rare find for any species but especially so in theropods, so this was an important specimen.

The block containing the bones was eventually lifted out earlier this year and Darren is actually preparing the specimen now at time of writing. Darren has agreed to give a series of updates over the upcoming months giving us an inside view into the world of the preparator and, at the same time, uncovering one of the coolest dinosaurs ever to walk the planet!

Not only will you find this amazing story unfolding on the Musings but the Tyrell’s own Facebook page is also covering the story. I implore you to follow this story as it unfolds since this is probably the first time a specimen of this importance has been prepared and uncovered as it happens. Well done Darren for letting us in and to Dave for bringing it to the paleo-blogosphere!


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