Monday, 28 March 2011

More Nanotyrannus

Funny how these things happen but bearing in mind my previous post the following is purely coincidental. In case you haven't looked at the blog list side bar, go and check out Michael Ryan's blog here. Yet more data from Witmer and Ridgely after CT scanning the Cleveland skull.

Of particular interest is the referral to ", as yet unpublished specimens." The fact that there may be other specimens of Nanotyrannus intrigues me, especially since any information regarding new specimens found attributable to this taxon would inevitably leak out. Perhaps it is yet more tyrannosaurid skull material of indeterminate nature. As I said previously, we'll have to wait for the paper.

More importantly, analysis reveals structures attributable to respiratory turbinates and this is incredibly interesting since this has significant implications regarding metabolic physiology. Really fascinating and I look forward to further revelations in the near future.


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