Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday Night is Dino Night!

As Stu Pond has already pointed out over at Paleo Illustrata, the programme How to Build a Dinosaur debuts at 9 o'clock GMT on BBC4 tonight and features amongst others Darren Naish and, I seem to recall, that John Hutchinson makes an appearance as well. The programme looks at how a dinosaur skeleton is put back together and investigates how details such as muscle, posture and skin colour are determined.

Straight after that at, 10 o'clock on the same channel, comes Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs and looks at how our scientific knowledge of dinosaurs has evolved since the 1970's. I didn't even know this one was  coming up so have don't have any details as such but, as the Horizon team is involved, I hope that the programme will prove interesting.

And before both these programmes air, we have the second part of Planet Dinosaur on BBC1 at 8.30, this time focusing on feathered dinosaurs. It will be interesting to compare the Gigantoraptor restoration with the same animal in Dinosaur Revolution. Enjoy!


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