Sunday, 30 October 2011

SVP 2011 is Here!

It’s that time of year again and all roads lead to Las Vegas for this year’s 71st SVP meeting -  and what an event it promises to be. The meeting is quite possibly the biggest one of its kind and I cannot remember seeing so many talks and posters at the one conference – especially the posters and Heinrich Mallison alludes to this over at dinosaurpalaeo.

There is so much of interest this year and so much to discuss but, of course, any discussion about content of the meeting is embargoed until the posters and talks actually begin. That’s fair enough and we should all be use to that by now but I will be highlighting some of those talks and posters that are really interesting over the next few weeks and,  I promise you, these will only scrape the surface of the amount of data being presented at this year’s SVP.

I’m quite sure that many of you are already en route and that many will be leaving imminently. To all my friends and colleagues attending this year’s meeting – I hope that the event lives up to your expectations and hope you all have a great time!


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