Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Little Sauropod Imagery

Just a brief post this week because of various commitments but I’m pleased to say that the most important of these are palaeo-related. When this post goes live, myself and a few colleagues will be busily engaged in promoting education, conservation, preservation and the need for environmental awareness – all in a palaeontological context . We are certainly doing our bit – let’s put it that way!
In the meantime, here are a few sauropod images from my time in Lisbon – enjoy!

A cast of a specimen from Tendaguru.

An associated string of camarasaurid caudal vertebrae.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late but these are from Allosaurus exhibition at Lisbon's Natural History Museum, correct? I'm asking because besides that last camarasaurid caudal vertebrae I don't recall those other casts nor I have photos of them. Were they in the same lobby as the Triceratops skull? I photographed the life-size replica of a Camarasaurus though.

Mark Wildman said...

Hi Henrique - quite right. The brachiosaur skull and Tendaguru cast are indeed in the same gallery as the Triceratops skull. But the Allosaurus exhibition was set up in a special gallery across the hallway.

That's where the Camarasaurus skull and the camarsaurid vertebrae are. I've got other images coming up in the future as well so there's some more posts to come.

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