Thursday, 24 January 2013

Project Daspletosaurus 2013

Yes I know that I am extremely bias when it comes to Daspletosaurus but I have been saying for some time now that this tyrannosaurid is becoming more and more important in our understanding of Tyrannosauridae as a whole. Certainly, what with Thomas Carr's upcoming monograph of the genus and this new research by uber blogger Dave Hone in the pipeline, it is very apparent that now is the time of Daspletosaurus.

Be that as it may check out this post by Dave over at his Guardian blog for some detail and have a look at the video below. You may want to consider making a contribution and, if you do, all the detail is there. And yes I will be making a contribution, not just because it is Daspletosaurus, but because it is also a very cool and, ultimately, a very important piece of science. All this and free access at the end of it - way to go Dave!


Dave Hone said...

Hi Mark,

I did spot this the other day and linked to it but forgot to say 'thank you' for the promotion and indeed the donation I spotted.

Thanks so much for this, it's much appreciated.

Mark Wildman said...

It's a pleasure Dave - I hope it all works out for you and, indirectly, all of us!

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