Monday, 24 June 2013

Welcome to Tyrannosauroidea Central

Thomas Carr has just launched a blog about everything tyrannosaur at Tyrannosauroidea Central and I am absolutely delighted that he has decided to join the Mesozoic Blogosphere. Described by fellow tyrannosaur aficionado Thomas Holtz Jr as ".....probably the best tyrannosaur anatomist on the planet....." this blog should prove to be a gold mine of information as Carr reveals and discusses his research, both past and present, and keeps us up to date on the very latest news regarding all things about my favourite clade.

As a staunch follower of Carr's research and, as you all know, particularly fascinated by Tyrannosauridae, I am genuinely excited by this development and look forward to the blog developing and am particularly interested in his upcoming Daspletosaurus monograph and his books that he has been working on.

Welcome to the Mesozoic Blogosphere Thomas!   


Thomas Carr said...

Thank you, Mark!

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