Friday, 7 February 2014

From the Vaults Pt.1

Unfortunately, my increased workload is making blogging regularly somewhat difficult right now but just to keep things ticking over I will post some bits and pieces from time to time. This time I am glad to provide some cool images for the palaeoichnologists amongst you. Palaeoichnology has always been a fascinating discipline and is one of those branches of palaeontology that is certainly on the up as it increasingly benefits from digital technology.

Late last year a couple of us attended the Jehol-Wealden International Conference on the Isle of Wight and part of the conference entailed a field trip to visit some of the more famous fossil sites on the island. At Hanover and Brook we were very lucky to see many of the famous large dinosaur footprints and casts in situ - and very impressive they were too.  

It was great to discuss tracks with track specialist extraordinaire Martin Lockley, of the University of Colorado, and you could not fail to learn. So here are some of the track images from the day - enjoy!







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